Property Vault Tutorial

John Beck’s Property Vault is an Internet website where subscribers can obtain lists of properties currently offered for sale throughout the United States (but not Canada).The property lists obtained from the Property Vault are delivered to your computer in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. You can download Excel Viewer 2003 for free by going online to the following website: (We recommend that you download this Excel program before downloading a list from the Property Vault, however, if you have trouble downloading the Excel Viewer 2003 program, it is not necessary). See instructions below for details on how to download Excel Viewer 2003.


In order to view a property list on the Internet, you must first select a list and download that list to your computer. To do this, follow the steps listed below:

1. Go to the John Beck¹s Property Vault homepage, which is found at the following website:

2. Log-in to the Property Vault website using your Vault Combination (customer ID# that is found on the packing list paperwork you received when you ordered the infomercial package) and Password (“PASSWORD” in capitol letters). If you are unable to log in for any reason you will want to contact Customer Service at 1-800-266-5664 .

3. Locate a list that you want by using “tax sales” icon provided on the next webpage (e.g., Tax Sales, Sales Calendar and Latest Lists). This will bring up a map of the United States. Click on the state you want to look at to see if there are any tax auctions currently taking place, or in the near future. There will be a green mark in front of the lists for current or future auctions.

4. After locating the property list you want, select that list by clicking on the “Briefcase” icon found at the end of a row of the list.

- Each list will show... The State where the properties are located, the local governmental jurisdiction the properties are located in (e.g., county or municipality), the type of list (deed or lien), the sales date being the date the properties on the list become available to be purchased (however, sometimes these dates may be the date the lists come available to the public NOT THE SALE DATE, so we recommend that you call the county for exact information about the auction after downloading the list), and the number of Parcels (properties) currently available for purchase. There are two types of lists offered by the Property Vault: Standard and Enhanced lists. The Enhanced lists provide substantially more information about the properties available to be purchased than the Standard lists.

- You will see costs associated with the lists, but you don’t have to pay those amounts, unless you go over the allotted amount of lists per cycle. The cycle is usually a 30 day period from the day you purchase the program or signed up for the property vault.

- NOTE: You can see how many lists are available by looking on the top left corner of the webpage in the box named “MY BRIEFCASE”. This is where you will keep track of your lists downloaded. If you go over the amount allotted, you will be charged per list, for the extra downloads.

5. After selecting a list, you will need to confirm your selection on the next webpage by clicking on the “Confirm Selections" button. If you accidentally clicked on a wrong briefcase, you can remove it and not be charged a download by clicking on the “remove” icon at the end of the list on this page.

6. After you have confirmed your selection, your list(s) will move to the bottom of the page to the “confirmed items” box. Next, click on the “Go to My Files” button found at the bottom right-hand side of this webpage.

7. On the next webpage, click on the Computer Disk Icon (shown on the far right side of the information provided about the list you have selected) to download to your computer the property list you selected.

- NOTE: If the Computer Disc Icon is not at the far right side of the list selected (and the list is a grey color) the list may not be ready for downloading and may take up to two days before you can download this list. This is common especially for “enhanced lists”. Simply keep checking this download page every day until it is shown in black lettering and the icon is present to the far right side of the list.

8. Once your click on the disc, your list will come up on a new page. Click on the list that is highlighted (i.e... TX84938930, CA3828990 etc) and select “open” (if excel is on your computer), or “save” (if excel is NOT downloaded on your computer). If you save your list to your computer, it is recommended that you save your new list either on your “desktop” or “my documents” on your computer. You can also change your file name. For example, delete the CA789838990 file name and rename it Alameda Co. list (or what ever county this list is from), and it will show up on your “desktop” or “my document” area with the new file name (for easier identification of your list).Now the property list you selected is on your computer.


You can download Excel Viewer 2003 for free by going online to the following website: EXCEL VIEWER 2003 (download for your computer)

1. Click on the “download” icon on the dark blue line in the middle of the page.

2. Click on the “run” icon (do not click on the save icon). Excel will still remain of your computer, but this will enable you to use the Excel program right away.

3. Click on the “Agree to the terms of the program” box (it may take a minute for this page to show up on your computer).

4. Click the “install” icon and then the “next” icon.

However, if you are having trouble downloading Excel on your computer, you will still be able to view the property lists you obtain from the Property Vault. You can do so for FREE on the Internet at the following website:

1. Go to the Zoho Sheet Online Excel Viewer found at the following Internet website: (internet site for viewing lists)

2. Click on the “browse” button found at the end of the “local file” line, found on that webpage.

3. After clicking on the “browse” button, you will be returned to your computer. Thereafter, choose the file name for the property list you downloaded (in your desktop or my documents area). This file name will look similar in format to the following examples: KS015307-DE.xls or TX1572307.xls or if you renamed your file (as in the example above) look for Alameda Co. list.

4. After clicking the file name, you will be returned to the Zoho Sheet Online Excel Viewer. You will now see the file name you choose. Next, click on the “View” button.

5. After clicking on the “View” button, you will be able to view the property List you have selected.There is also a good free internet site for free downloads.

Property Vault Terms

About List Delivery Terms - Standard lists are available for immediate download from our web site. To download your order, sign in, go to "my account" and then to "my purchases". Data enhanced lists that have already been compiled are also available for immediate download. Those data enhanced lists that have not been compiled (we do not do them until they are ordered) are shown with the price in italics and will require an average of four business days before they will be ready for download. Past data enhanced lists (those for sales that have already taken place) will be done on a time available basis and there is no guarantee of delivery time. All of these delivery times are what we expect but are not guaranteed. You should always order your lists as soon as possible to guarantee that you will get them in time for the sales.

Assignment or OTC Liens - These are liens that went through the sale process and were not purchased at the sale. They can be purchased directly from the taxing jurisdiction and usually earn the maximum interest rate available. Usually they can be purchased by mail. The downside is they are the parcels that nobody wanted to buy at the sale.

Data Enhanced Lists - These are official lists with assessor information added, such as assessed values, land use codes, building descriptions such as year built, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet or lot and structure. The cost will vary depending on our costs but will normally run between 5 cents a parcel and 10 cents a parcel. Please keep in mind that we can only get data that is available on the Assessor's public web site. Data enhanced lists are not available in all jurisdictions and should be ordered at least four business days before they are needed. They are sent as an email attachment.

Delinquency List - This is a list of properties that are currently delinquent but IS NOT a tax sale list. We offer these in a number of jurisdictions for those who are attempting to get prepared for an upcoming tax sale. Please be aware that a majority of the properties will pay the delinquent taxes and not be on the tax sale.

Lands for Sale/Lands Available - These are lists of properties that have been through a tax sale and not sold. We often do not know if we can do a data enhanced list on these until we actually attempt to do one. The reason is often the taxing authority does not put the information on a lands available list that allows us to do a data enhanced list. Please keep in mind that the "sale date" shown is not a sale date as these are available at any time until sold. We have to enter a sale date in the system so we usually put in a quarter ending date.

List With Maps - "With Maps" means we will provide a map book of the properties. Availability will depend on having an enhanced list. Please inquire if you desire mapping and it is not shown as available.

Official Lists - This is the list the taxing jurisdiction publishes. We will include the information that the taxing jurisdiction included with the exception of photographs and long legal descriptions if the parcel number or some other method of identifying the parcel is given. These lists will never be more than $70.00 and average around $8.00. The lists are done in Microsoft Excel or ASCII. Official list are usually delivered within 2 business days of receipt of the order. They are sent as an email attachment.

Redeemable Deed Sales - This is a sale that is called a Tax Deed Sale, but the sale is subject to a right of redemption during a specified time period by the delinquent property owner. For most purposes the sale is very similar to a Tax Lien Sale.

Tax Deed Sale - A tax deed sale give the buyer immediate ownership of the property. This ownership often requires the filing of a quiet title action to have marketable title but it is not subject to redemption by the delinquent tax payer.

Tax Defaulted Land Sale - These are lands that have gone through a sale and were not purchased by a tax sale buyer. They, instead were purchased by the taxing jurisdiction or the state and are available for purchase on a negotiated purchase. In some cases these lists may be called "Lands Available", "Assignment Lists", "OTC lists", or "Lands for Sale". Please understand that the sale date for these lists is, in fact, not sale date. Our system requires a "sale date" be input so we put a quarter ending date for these lists.

Tax Lien Sale - A tax lien sale does not give the lien buyer ownership of the property. It gives the buyer a claim for money that is superior to almost all other liens, including mortgages and is secured by the real estate. If this claim for money is not satisfied the lien holder can apply for and receive the property, subject to the conditions set by the statutes for the jurisdiction. Approximate redemption rate for residential properties is somewhat above 90% in most jurisdictions.

Tax Taking - The taxing jurisdiction "takes" the property and becomes the owner. The property is later sold, either through a negotiated sale or an auction.